Stewart Brothers Bowl Company

Rosewood Serving Set

$100.00 $45.00
Sustainably harvested rosewood, 14" in length, and much more substantial in the hand that we're used to experiencing in mass-produced household objects. When you use these beauties to serve things up at dinner you'll know you're not in Kansas anymore. You'll feel like you're in Salsomaggiore Terme or Palermo or Tokyo -- where things are just a little bit dreamier than they are at home. Unless you are lucky enough to call Tokyo home. Then using these might evoke Vienna or Pacific Grove, or The Sea Ranch, or Hanalei Bay, or ... Modesto.  Special places we long to see. These are made of about 4 or 5 times the wood than your store-bought service sets (as economy of material is not my constraint - only beauty and functionality are a concern), and once you start using them you'll understand the origin and timelessness of a sturdy pair of food servers.  My mom just displays hers, but I know I'll convince her to put them to good use. We'll see.